Add a ‘banner’ to your gift site with copy and a link to a page (should you wish), such as to promote an event, category or voucher. The banner appears top right and remains on all your pages, as people browse your gift site (it’s easily removed by the user by simply ‘x’ ing it out). This is a fantastic way to create instant awareness.

Simply let us know the copy you’d like on the banner and any page you’d like to link it to and we’ll set this up.


Using a promotional code is a fantastic way to help develop your sales by enhancing loyalty, attracting new customers, encouraging action and increasing gift voucher spend. You’re able to create a code that offers a fixed or % amount off, whilst setting a minimum spend and select individual vouchers, categories or all your gift vouchers.

Create and manage your promotional codes by clicking on ‘Promo Code Manager’ once you are logged onto your Gift Voucher Management System.



Determine which vouchers are listed first in each category on your gift site, effectively giving you the opportunity to ‘promote’ the experiences you wish visitors to see first. It could be a new voucher that you’d like to raise awareness of, a greater value to encourage a higher spend, or vouchers you wish to drive more sales to where you have a higher margin.

Activate this feature by clicking onto Catalogue Manager, selecting the gift voucher and then simply ticking the ‘Promoted’ box.


Promote gift vouchers for ‘one off’ events at your venue, such as wine tastings, inspirational guest speaker evenings, lessons with a pro, etc. This is a fantastic way to set up, promote, sell and manage ticketed events.

In Catalogue Manager, create a ‘voucher’ that you’d like to apply a single day validity to and simply select the same valid to and from dates.


These are vouchers that are created or adapted for a specific buyer or purpose. They are not ‘mapped’ in the gift management system, so the general public are not able to find them on your gift site. An individual URL can be sent out to a specific target group i.e. a facebook campaign or corporate client.

Create a bespoke gift voucher in Catalogue Manager by creating / copying a gift voucher, ensuring that the gift voucher is not mapped to a category (i.e. no field box is ‘ticked’ in the ‘Type’ tab). You can then send out a unique URL link. To find the web address of the page, view one of your gift vouchers in the same category, changing the end section of the URL name to match the one of your bespoke gift vouchers created in Catalogue Manager.



Perfect when you are running a campaign promoting one or more gift vouchers.

Simply get in touch with us and we’ll create this page for you.


A fantastic tool to use for ticketed events and offers, where you may wish to restrict the amount sold and/or display a ‘Limited Availability’ macaron on the voucher card.

In Catalogue Manager, set the ‘Voucher Availability’ to ‘Limited’.