Cybercrime is on the increase and no industry is immune as cybercriminals come up with increasingly creative ways to steal money!

Here’s some helpful advice on the common characteristics of a fraudulent gift voucher order and what to do if you think all is not as it seems and you suspect an order to not be genuine.

The most common characteristics of a fraudulent voucher include:

  • The buyer name and/or address is written in small letters with no punctuation
  • No landline telephone number is given
  • A mobile number with less than 11 digits or one that is not recognised when called
  • An email address that does not include a name relevant to the buyer name given
  • A high-value order
  • The delivery method is email
  • There is no personal message
  • The marketing question not answered

What to do if you suspect an order to be fraudulent

We would encourage you to try calling / emailing the buyer to clarify their purchase with them and would suggest keeping the status of the voucher as ‘cancelled’ until confirmed as a real order.

In general, if your hotel or venue is often hit by fraud, we would advise that you discuss this regularly in morning / shift handover meetings and ensure that staff are checking the status of vouchers before accepting them.

We proactively work to prevent cyber-crime and highly recommend that you take steps to protect your business by implementing a 72-hour gift voucher redemption policy, whereby email vouchers cannot be used within 72 hours of purchase. This allows the SK Chase team to carry out relevant checks (if we do this on your behalf) and make you aware of any suspicious orders before they can be used.

If you’d like to have your terms and conditions updated with a 72 hour policy, or have any questions about gift vouchers and fraud, please feel free to contact the SK Chase Hotel Support Desk:

T: 0344 371 0071

We also recommend not to click onto links in the body of an email you receive, unless you know the sender. Copy and paste the link into notepad / word first, to check there is no hidden link.

More venues than ever are being targeted by fraudsters as the number of people buying gift experiences online rises, but if you take the steps above and remain vigilant, your risk is reduced.