‘Promoted’ Vouchers

Rod_Kris-300x200The new ‘Promoted Vouchers’ feature, enables clients to determine which vouchers are listed first in each category on their gift voucher site, effectively giving the opportunity to ‘promote’ the gift experiences they wish buyers’ to view initially on a voucher listing page.

It could be a new gift voucher that they’d like to raise awareness of, gift vouchers of a greater value to encourage a higher spend, or vouchers they wish to drive more sales to where they have a higher margin – the choice is theres!

Currently, gift vouchers in each of the categories (i.e. Dining, Overnight Stay, Spa, etc.) are defaulted to be displayed by lowest to highest price in the first instance (which viewers can then go on to sort differently, should they wish to).

This new feature enables clients to select up to 5 vouchers to appear first within a category, before the default sort order of remaining vouchers begins (price low-high).