We are delighted with the personal and accessible training that we offer to our clients; a great example is how we work closely with Historic Sussex Hotelswho own three exceptional hotels in West Sussex.

Each year they dedicate one full day for training at one of their hotels, inviting Marketing Managers, Front of House Managers and Finance Teams from each hotel in their collection – Bailiffscourt, Ockenden Manor, The Spread Eagle.

The focus of the day is dedicated to making the most of their gift vouchers. It’s a chance for Marketing Managers from each property to get together to discuss revenue ideas and future marketing campaigns in the presence of our Training Manager, who is on hand to demonstrate any new features, provide specialist knowledge on successful campaigns and give an insight into potential revenue enhancing campaigns.

The day continues with Front of House, Spa Managers and Finance Teams from each property joining so that by the end of the session all are fully trained. There is the opportunity to discuss with our Training Manager any queries that arise in selling, booking and redeeming gift vouchers in house so that procedures can be updated accordingly.

Front of House Managers return to their individual hotels with the confidence to train their teams in conjunction with our online training offering (Help & Support tab and interactive help tool) and are clear on Historic Sussex Hotel’s procedures for their gift vouchers that have been agreed on the day.




Rocco Forte Hotels have worked in partnership with SK Chase since 2005, seeing their gift voucher revenue grow substantially year on year, along with enhancing their gift voucher offering by creating gift voucher sites for all of their European properties.

We’re very proud of the relationship that we have built with Rocco Forte Hotels, working very closely with this family of highly individual luxury hotels and resorts to ensure that all of their needs are met.

We work with their Marketing Teams to help with the management of their gift voucher selection, Finance Teams to help with their bespoke financial procedures, Hotel and Front Office staff for customer service queries, along with their Training Function for all their training needs.

Rocco Forte Hotels invest time and money in training their teams comprehensively, ensuring that staff members are confident with both their gift voucher system and in-house procedures relating to all things gift vouchers! Both Marketing and Finance Managers at Rocco Forte Head Office work closely with our Training Manager to ensure that presentations and training content cover both internal and gift voucher system requirements.

We’re delighted to help support this group of luxury hotels, travelling to their UK and European venues and delivering bespoke training sessions to Marketing, Finance and Front of House Teams. The sessions are personalised to each Rocco Forte Hotel, covering their Head Office requirements in tandem with sharing the tools available on their gift voucher system to help manage, develop and grow their gift voucher sales.