Our ethos and commitment to the well-being of our people and our planet: 


We recognise that having people in our team who have clarity of mind and whose mental wellbeing is taken into consideration leads to better performance, innovation and a genuine caring service to our clients. We have an ongoing State of Mind programme in place with external coaches who provide both one to one and team sessions focusing on clarity of mind and the source of confidence, creativity and connection. 

Having individuals representing SK Chase who have clarity of mind necessarily leads to doing the best for our clients, the resources within our business and the planet. 

Our founders, Steph Wilson and Kaye Taylor, are regularly invited to speak at events on the subject of State of Mind in business, most recently at the Beyond Limits Business Summit in Edinburgh. You can see speakers clips here:


We encourage remote & flexible working for our team so that they avoid unnecessary long commutes. Each member of our team spends at least one day a week working from home. We are set up to function efficiently as a digital remote team and business. SK Chase is also very supportive of women in business who choose to have a family and wish to return to work in their previous role but work fewer hours.


SK Chase has signed up to the Scottish Business Pledge which is a values-led partnership between Government and business. It is a shared ambition of boosting productivity, competitiveness, sustainable employment, and workforce engagement and development.


From our inception in 2003 we have been 100% digital and have encouraged our clients to go digital for gift vouchers from the outset. Since we started working with luxury hotels, over 16 years ago, we have seen a significant drop in the usage of paper vouchers. Gift Vouchers sent by email represented 5% of total gift vouchers, whereas for 2018 over 40% were sent electronically. 

One of the reasons we do not provide a plastic gift card service is to avoid waste. We encourage our clients to be environmentally friendly.

Our office based in Edinburgh is 100% powered by renewable energies. We have a recycling programme with an internal champion. We use environmentally friendly cleaning products.


We make sure we work with ethical and responsible partners.  


We have worked with Barry O’Kane, our Head Developer for over 16 years and all our software development is outsourced to his company, Happy Porch. Happy Porch have a policy to only partner with organisations who are making the world a better place. 

JEM (fulfilment partner of 8 years)
“Here at JEM Marketing & Fulfilment Services Ltd we strive to reduce our carbon footprint by reducing our waste and use sustainable materials where possible. We are often driven by our client requests as to what materials they wish to use, however we will always recommend ways in which they can improve of their choices. The majority of our general packaging is either biodegradable, recycled or recyclable. We make conscious decisions to use paper and biodegradable materials over plastic. We have large recycling facilities on site that we utilise when we cannot recycle internally. Streamlining our business processes has resulted in less paper use and waste. Equally, saving on energy sources by switching to LED lighting and more efficient equipment.”

Ezone Interactive has provided SK Chase with our website provision and for the past year provides out of hours email support to our clients. Ezone has an excellent reputation for providing an ethic working environment with remote workers and flexible working