We’re making constant continual improvements to our gift voucher shops and gift admin area (the gift app) that make a positive impact on site performance (including ‘behind the scenes’). The table below shows details of recent release updates.


25/01/2023Stripe gateway release
Gift App and Google Analytics 4
e-voucher bug fix
09/11/2022Server upgradeFor the Festive period
26/10/2022Address autocomplete fix
Dispatch emails fix
05/10/2022New currencies added
21/09/2022Styling update to QR codes on e-vouchers
14/09/2022Dispatch emails (stage 1)
31/08/2022Bug fixes and system improvements
24/08/2022System improvements
27/07/2022Software updates
Database split
03/08/2022Gift shop bug fixes
01/08/2022Security workLegacy server split
13/07/2022Update to quick redeemUpdate to wording if a voucher was purchased less than 72 hours ago when viewing the item(s) in quick redeem
29/06/2022Bug fixes to enhance system
SEO improvments to gift shops & CMS
New currencies added
08/06/2022New campaign page layout
Checkout and notification changes for a new project
11/05/2022Update to the bulk edit feature in Catalogue ManagerUpdate validity in bulk
27/04/2022USync fix
20./04/2022Meta data page per gift shop
Single sign on development
30/03/2022Gift shop improvements
21/03/2022Partial Redemption bug fix/improvement
Limited Availability enhancement
23/02/2022Bug fix for partial redemption
16/02/2022Price slider fix
10/02/2022Google search fixPage title displays as intended
02/02/2022Enabled MOTO payments on Stripe
26/01/2022Partial voucher redemption (beta release)
12/01/2022Update to user invite email
eVoucher PDF improvements
01/12/2021Bug fixes
24/11/2021iPhone payment fix
Gift App enhancement to voucher scheduling
10/11/2021E-vouchers, custom domains, bug fixes
01/11/2021New feature to enable voucher download
Various bug fixes
20/10/2021Gift App word count warning
20/10/2021New tile options added to Gift App
14/10/2021New online payment software refunds activated
Changes to Gift App to enable Google Merchant Center
06/10/2021New currency
29/09/2021Payment integrationTesting
22/09/2021Gift App updatesBetter user experience.
16/09/2021Updates to the bulk order toolDelivery methods and cost
09/09/2021Update to the bulk order tool
02/09/2021Cookie PolicyUpdates
Voucher currency updateIn Catalogue Manager
30/08/2021User timezone displayed In Quick Edit feature when scheduling gifts
18/08/2021Bug fixes
12/08/2021Bulk action within the new 'quick edit' feature
04/08/2021Quick EditThis new section allows the user to complete actions for vouchers all in 1 section quickly, without having to go into each individual voucher
Voucher SchedulingAbility to set active and deactive dates and times
Image ManagerNo need to edit images prior to uploading to gift shop
22/07/2012Checkout updateError message added
Quick redeem improvementMore obvious when redeeming a voucher using Quick Redeem that the redemption has actually worked
Gfft App updateBroadcast message, listing heading and listing description now can be scheduled separately from main nodes
08/07/2021Gift App updated to the latest version
08/07/2021Right to left text direction - to accommodate Arabic
09/06/2021Characters added to whitelist
02/06/2021New branding section for the 'unwrapping' of the e-voucherAllows user to set a separate text colour for the unwrapping piece
27/05/2021Google search issue fixFix for how certain gift shops appear in search results
Ability to send e-voucher emails from a client's own email address
Gift App Catalogue ManagerVouchers in catalogue manager now shows either green or grey depending on if it's live or inactive
19/05/2021Dates in American format
Image 'whitelist' created for CMS
05/05/2021Database work
28/04/2021Bug fixes
31/03/2021Chinese gift shop URL issue fix
17/03/2021Support tasksIncluding .exe files cannot be uploaded to the media section - reducing the risk of viruses being uploaded
10/02/2021'Notes' searchable in Gift Manager
02/02/2021Bulk order tool
27/01/2021New currencies added
22/01/2021Updated user-friendly text for users in the Gift AppWhen editing a voucher
31/12/20203DSv2 updateAn upgrade of 3DS
Facebook Shop - meta tag option for verification added to CMS
22/12/2020Buying optionsClients can now created & edit buying options
16/12/2020Branding bugs on custom domains
09/12/2020CheckoutThe local phone number prefix auto populates to the local country if the site has a country code set
02/12/2020Promo code releaseURL pre-populated with promo code
Filters updateFilters now work together to give more relevant results.
18/11/2020Bulk activate/deactivate vouchers tool
11/11/2020MP4s work on iphones
05/11/2020'Promoted' VouchersAble to select order in which gift vouchers appear on gift site
07/10/2020Catalogue Manager moved to the new environment
29/07/2020Set default for drop down country list in checkout
09/07/2020Logout after 15 minutes of inactivity implemented
13/05/2020Mp4 videos on campaign page headers
15/04/2020Gift site amendment
25/03/2020Dictionary item added
QR codeToggle off/on on e-Voucher
e-Voucher amendment
18/03/2020Quick redeem featureTesting phase released
27/02/2020Promo basket fix
Payment express update
12/02/2020Tweak to payment page to reduce errors
05/02/2020e-Vouchers released to various clients
29/01/2020e-Voucher unwrapping experience
New currencies added
22/01/2020Stability fix for CMS
15/01/2020FDMS error fixes
SagePay error fix
High volume basket performance Stability feature
18/12/2019Address field bug fix
PDF for Evoucher release
11/12/2019New dictionary item added
Fix in place for delivery of invalid / incorrect / blocked email addresses
Limited Availability bug fix
27/11/2019Bug for checkout field
Personal message added to e-voucher (when printing only).
FDMS gateway fix
25/11/2019Fix to real time reporting tool
13/11/2019E-Vouchers 'live'
11/11/2019E-Voucher tweaks
Buying options card tweaks
Filter bug fix
06/11/2019Real time sales report (Currently for internal use only)
E-Voucher bug fix
23/10/2019E-Voucher tweaks
Gift App devices fix
Fix implemented for multiple users using one PC
16/10/2019Checkout bug fixes & Improvements
Limited Availability fix
02/10/2019Bug fix to 'Print' button
25/09/2019Redirect to New Gift App
Bug fix to campaign page
Improvement to basket validations
18/09/2019Improvements to user management section in new gift app
Media and branding CSS transfer to new, improved storage
Added logging to FDMS gateway transactions
12/09/2019MOTO Update for Payment Gateways
E-Voucher tweaks
04/09/2019Bulk User UploadAbility to upload a batch of users - enhancement
28/08/2019Bulk User UploadAbility to upload a batch of users
E-Voucher print issue fix
21/08/2019Gift App upgradeTo latest version of the software
Gift App password bugPassword character length warning bug fixed
E-VoucherFirst new E-Voucher design went live
14/08/2019Gift App password policyMeeting clients requirements
Bug fix in Gift AppProcess order site clarity
Google Analytics fix
E-Voucher fixes
07/08/2019E-Voucher fixes and improvements
Continued work on new checkout
31/07/2019Branding fixNew email voucher design
Bug fixImages on static pages
24/07/2019New language added to Gift AppHungarian added
Continued work on the new E-voucher
Improvements to Gift App
17/07/2019Continued work on the new E-voucher design
Improvements to the functionality of carousels
Improvements to test emails
10/07/2019Update to voucher 'status' 'Cancelled' voucher status now changes to 'expired' on expiry date
Update to Gift App login page
'Buying Options' branding improvements
GTM enhancementTo differentiate between public and private users on Google Analytics
System monitoring improvementFurther alerts created
03/07/2019Private user UX improvements
'Buying Options' improvementsOn Group gift sites
Error message enhancement Users will now be shown a useful message when there is an error due to them attempting to use an unsupported card (rather than 'unknown error')
Robustness code added to critical infrastructure
26/06/2019Updates to 'Invite User' & 'Reset Password' emails
Campaign page improvements
19/06/2019New private checkoutUpdated
Front end system releaseStability improved
Campaign page improvements
12/06/2019Improvements to user admin in new gift app
New data layer variable for GTM For private sales
New gift app compatible with IE11
05/06/2019AB test 'live' On the 'You may also like' feature on voucher details page
Improvements and fixes to users in new gift app
29/05/2019New gateway integration with FDMS
Campaign page improvement
New gift voucher email logo improvement
22/05/2019Gift voucher emailsAdded dynamic logo and bug fix
Campaign page improvements
Cookie policy & broadcast message bug fix
Migrated to our new hosting
15/05/2019Improvements to gift voucher emailsRecipient Experience Project - Phase 1
Campaign page improvements
Added in Address line 2 in checkout
Carousel navigation dots re-instated
Buying option display on iphone bug fix
01/05/2019Cross basket sharing functionalityEnabling cross device re-targeting of customers who have abandoned their basket in the checkout (using Salescycle software)
Promotional code improvementsMin Basket Value / Minimum Spend and a value off has now been enabled
Buying Option improvements
Campaign Page improvements
Checkout improvementTelephone Number field - spaces and dashes are now auto removed if a buyer enters them
24/04/2019Campaign page fixes
USplit new A/B test started
Removed unnecessary errors from error logs
17/04/2019Buying optionsFixes x 5
USplit set up in our new gift app and first A/B test running
Improved payment logging
Campaign pageFixes x 3
10/04/2019Buying optionsTrialing on demo
Trailing slash fixConsistency for Google Analytics
03/04/2019Payment page Validation
Fix for date label non payment card section
Fix for bug on private checkout
30/01/2019Move API code from phase 3 to phase 2
Sites for live Wed 30th Jan 8am + Category mapping
Remove 'tags' on Voucher detail page
[mobile] The "View voucher" buttons in the carousel items with a long title are hidden and not clickable below the site title
New on/off button for noindex
Toggle on/off hotels filter by site
Stability improvements
Fixed: Daily imports are scheduled many times, causing the services to run out of memory and restart
Make 'Valid for X months' or 'Valid from X to X' editable in dictionary in Umbraco - to enable translations.
Updated translations
Performance improvements on the order number pooling system
Implemented support for snapshots on the OrderNumberPooler
Refunds timing out on legacy system
The timeout for the refund API increased from 6 seconds to 30 seconds
SagePay contacted regarding the long response times
Remove the search icon from Checkout pages
Offline notification does not go away after reconnecting
18/12/2018Sites for live + Category mapping
New sites going live
13/12/ 2018Sites released to Phase 2 (new browse)& category mapping
Make postal delivery add address text more prominent
Checkout IDs
Prepare environment for new sites going live
Disabled Google AutoComplete
In order to reduce postal address errors and give time to evaluate alternatives
11/12/2018Sites for live + Category mapping
Returning to a stale basket: remove discontinued items & update prices
'Own fulfillment' items coming into JEMs feed
The legacy integration for the new checkout doesn't differentiate between 'SKC fulfillment' and 'customer fulfillment'. This is causing our clients own fulfilment (so in the seller level delivery methods we set these as 'dispatch by: customer' because it will be the customer, not JEM, fulfilling it) items to appear in JEM's feed since the clients go live on new checkout
06/12/2018Sites released to Phase 2 (new browse)
Sites released to Phase 3 (new checkout)
04/12/2018Fix SEO fields (meta and description tags and search engine indexing)
Sites released to Phase 2 (new browse)
'you may also like' voucher detail page - area toggle to show/hide
Add an ability to have the global broadcast message not show on some sites
29/11/2018Performance update
Significant performance gains across all sites. Includes image optimisations and improved caching.
UX updates around postal deliveries
22/11/2018Refunds not working on latest deployment
Crude vouchers sold report
20/11/2018Fix logging on legacy system
Sites released to Phase 2 (new browse)& category mapping, one for onboarding
Sites released to Phase 3 (new checkout)
Card expiry field entry formatting and error message
Card number field polishing
19/11/2018Sites released to Phase 3 (new checkout)
Sites released to Phase 2 (new browse)
12/11/2018Daily import missing some sellersreturning sellers that don't belong to a group
Sites released to Phase 2 (new browse)
Sites released to Phase 3 (new checkout)
05/11/18Daily import missing some sellers
Legacy catalogue import was not returning sellers that don't belong to a group
Sites released to Phase 2 (new browse)
Sites released to Phase 3 (new checkout)
CSS file being published on releases causing site to lose branding
29/10/18GA datalayer change
Resolve ‘duplicate page view’ and ‘purchase event’ error messages happening for some of the sites with FB pixel in place
Sites released to Phase 2 (new browse)
Sites released to Phase 3 (new checkout)
22/10/18Fix for newly discovered Failed payment reasonSagePay occasionally responds with "paRes contains invalid characters" - e.g. all cards from Czech bank Ceská Spořitelna)
Sites released to Phase 2 (new browse)
Sites released to Phase 3 (new checkout)
15/10/18Serialize access to the legacy integration website to prevent flooding it with orders
Fix identified from Load testing
Copy sites & media folders from phase 2 to phase 3
Sites released to Phase 2 (new browse)
Sites released to Phase 3 (new checkout)
Email placeholders not pulling through from phase 3 sales
E.g. ‘you have bought a voucher from ##SellerName##’
Add scrollbar to ‘Payment Method’ page in CMSNo scrollbar was causing difficulties for us when creating more Sales Channels for the checkout
08/10/18Fix daily import on Phase 3
Sites released to Phase 2 (new browse)
Sites released to Phase 3 (new checkout)
01/10/18Delivery prices not showing on legacy sitesFix for an issue caused by change in last release
Improve how deliveries are imported into Phase 3
Fixes a bug where changing delivery method details in admin might cause issues on Phase 3 checkout
14 sites migrated to Phase 2
4 sites migrated to Phase 3
Display new ‘tags’ under ‘Category’ in reports for Phase 3 orders
Phase 3 checkout changes that way vouchers are “tagged” for display to buyers, this is now shown in reports
Fix for Phase 3 orders may fail due to delivery method changes in admin
Performance update to Phase 3 data importImproves the way that voucher data is updated between admin and Phase 3