Gift Voucher Systems

Clients can manage all aspects of their voucher business with our cloud based system. From creating vouchers to tracking, financial management to deploying revenue enhancing tools, our system offers a user friendly and efficient solution, keeping them in control.

Users can create and edit vouchers, which can be instantly displayed on their gift site and track the life-cyle of each voucher. Our reporting feature enables venues to collect valuable voucher data, helping analyse sales and aiding marketing initiatives. Clients have the ability to display vouchers for staff only (private vouchers) and create prize & complimentary vouchers.

Our revenue enhancing tools include the ability to create & monitor promotional codes, create single day validity vouchers, set a limit to the number of a voucher sold (great for creating a buzz on social media!) and to promote a number of vouchers on each category page (such as ‘Dining Gifts’, ‘Spa Gifts’) on their gift site – all with just a few clicks!