I love my job right now.

Why? Because for the first time in 3 years I know exactly what I’m meant to be doing (and I’m actually doing it!) and I know how I contribute to our success.

When Steph and I first set up SK Chase I felt like I was flying – I knew precisely what my role was – to create a product, to create relationships, to create awareness and to create systems that supported our business (I enjoy creating!).

And then, somewhere along the line things got a bit hazy. I stopped flying. I stopped creating. I felt trapped. I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to be doing. I could see lots of things that required attention (we had grown by then and had offices, a team of people and lots of customers) but I didn’t know where to start. Things weren’t clear.

Things (I) have changed. Steph and I have been spending our energy and attention for the past 8 months, supported by Fergus, our business coach from Shirlaws, on our Vision, our strategy and the functionality of our business. When I first met Fergus, I told him that I wanted to know how I contribute to the business – and that I wanted to fly again.

So now, after going within myself and facing what was there and by dealing with a lot of stuff in and on the business, I now have clarity and focus. As well as being Chair of SK Chase which involves being the initiator, the visionary (as in looking to the future), the figurehead and the leader I am also head of Business Operations (i.e. money through the door). And I LOVE it!

All I can see is an abundance of opportunities and choices. Here are some of them; I choose to improve our service and relationships with our customers. I choose to help our customers grow their existing gift voucher business; I choose to create a complimentary product and service. I choose to create relationships with distribution partners. I choose to create new relationships with new customers. I choose to ‘flow’ and to ‘fly’.

As I was walking to work this morning, I realised, as the excitement about our future was bubbling within, that I reminded myself of our old dog, Brandy, who at the mere mention of the first letter of the word ‘walk’ would start shaking with excitement and her body would go flat down on the floor and ripple – and when, finally – after what to her probably felt like years went by (as I’d gather her lead and biscuits and put my boots on) she was let free – she would fly across the fields as fast as the wind and she’d behave towards everything and every person that she encountered as if they were the only and the most amazing thing or person she had ever come across and she’d wag her body with her tail, beside herself with joy. Well, that’s kind of how I feel. And guess what? As I write this, my favourite song has just come onto the radio – Sunchyme by Dario G …. life is good right now.

And once again, I know where we’re flying to. We’re not just randomly running across the fields and smelling the fragrances that we come by. We’re on a journey together. And it feels amazing.

Another thing I’ve realised – Having responsibility doesn’t mean lack of freedom. I am free AND I’m responsible.


Right, I’m off to make a cup of tea right now – and then I’ll sit at my desk and take off… By the way, if you want to feel like this too – give me a call and I’ll give you Fergus’ number…!

P.S. Steph and I had lunch with our sometimes gruff, mostly lovable, always intuitive and certainly always direct non-exec director, Brian Johnston, yesterday – he commented on this blog and said he felt like I bare my soul. I didn’t get the impression he enjoyed reading it – so I asked him why he did; and he said ‘I don’t have to enjoy everything I read’ – that made me laugh out loud. However, he also went on to say that he enjoys being open and in fact would quite like to write a blog himself (and boy, does he have a few stories to tell).

So, Brian, I know you’re reading this, so put your money where your mouth is and create your own blog (See? I can be direct too).