It’s quite apt that this blog is called ‘together-business’; I didn’t consciously realise the full significance and depth of our chosen business tag line (SK Chase – the together business) until very recently. A few days ago, in fact.

Did I say that out loud?

I’ve noticed that I often say things out loud that I haven’t thought through. It’s almost like my subconscious (or quite possibly my higher self) knows that there’s a key lesson for me to have and before I know it I’ve blurted something out without fully understand why.

Occasionally it’s not a pleasant experience to get to where I’m going. Sometimes I don’t even know where it is I’m headed until I’m half way there – and then the full picture emerges and everything becomes clear; I realise it was always meant. But mostly it starts off with me saying something that I don’t understand the full meaning of and before I know it I’m opening a new chapter of my life and entering the next phase.

This is how our Together Project happened. I could make it look brilliantly strategic and like I planned it all along. But I didn’t (or at least my conscious self didn’t).

We’re ready!

So my words to the team were something along the lines of “We’re ready for the next phase; we’re ready to work inter-dependently and as one”.

The ironic thing is my conscious self didn’t even know what inter-dependent meant at the time.

And our team has been leading me in this direction all along – I pride myself on being one step ahead – of looking at the big picture and seeing future opportunities (that’s my job); this time, though, I followed them into the unknown – and I’m more grateful than they’ll ever know.

Inter-dependence is life changing

So here I am, having completed our three scheduled ‘together’ workshops, only now realising that inter-dependence is life-changing. It truly is life-changing.

Fergus (our Shirlaws business coach) shared with us that there are three stages of a relationship – 1. dependence (need – think of a baby); 2. independence (don’t need – said baby having grown up and not wanting to on holiday with parents anymore) and 3. inter-dependence (choice –  picture a really healthy, balanced and loving partnership).

It takes courage to move from independence to inter-dependence. Especially when you are like me:  fiercely independent and (as much as I try to hide it) controlling. Because this place of independence is a safe place, isn’t it? It means that no one relies on you (you don’t have to rely on anyone else). It means that you’re protected. But it also means that you’re not able to realise the fullness of yourself. Because EVERYTHING is connected – to fully realise me I must also acknowledge and realise you. It’s just the way of the universe.

I have a dream

To paraphrase Martin Luther King, “our white brothers have come to realise that their destiny is tied with our destiny; their freedom is inextricably bound to our freedom”.

If we take away the content and look at the context – it applies to everything; My destiny is tied to your destiny; my freedom is inextricably bound to yours. Our intent here at SK Chase is ‘to set free’. So I cannot be truly free if you are tied. I see that now.

So, I let go – and I make the leap – and move from independence to inter-dependence; I see it’s inevitable, it was always meant.

And now, imagine a business where each person is self-responsible; where there is trust – trust of oneself and of each other – and where each individual has the opportunity to be the best they can be – the fullest expression of themselves; whilst simultaneously being aware of what’s right for the business and being there for and supporting each other.  A business that is functional and flows; where everything is effortless and easy; where judgement, ego and fear are washed away by authenticity, truth and love.

THAT’s what a together business is.

We are stronger together.