At SK Chase we create personable and bespoke training sessions for our clients, to inspire and build confidence in using our gift voucher software.

Our software (and service) make it easy for hotels to sell & manage their gift experiences and we work with over 330 of the most luxurious (and loveliest) hotels, based mainly in the UK and Ireland.

Having well trained and engaged teams has been proven to increase gift voucher sales and as dedicated Training Manager I work with our clients, to understand their individual needs and support them, so each department can fully utilise their gift voucher system, increasing their efficiency and maximising their venues gift voucher revenue:

  • Front of House Teams have the capability of ensuring guests are given excellent service when they are buying, booking and redeeming their gifts
  • Marketing Teams have the competence to run Ecommerce campaigns using our revenue enhancing features to drive sales
  • Finance Managers are effectively using our reporting functions for all revenue reconciliations


‘Set free’

Our business intent at SK Chase is to ‘set free’ and we are delighted that we run training programmes both in house and on line, to really help makes things easier for the luxury hotels that we work with and them ‘set free’.

All clients are different, all requiring different training programmes suited to their hotel requirements – whether it’s a group of hotels or a small individual hotel we are always available, to support and offer training.

As well as our recommended Training Modules (Marketing, Finance and Front of House) we are often asked to run different sorts of training whether it is a new client, a client that requires refresher training for teams in house or if a new procedure has been put in place and teams need to be trained. We work closely with our key contacts in Marketing, Finance and Training Departments to produce these sessions for each venue.


Tailor made training

A great example of this is how we work closely with Historic Sussex Hotels. Each year they dedicate one full day for training on their gift vouchers, at one of their hotels, inviting Marketing Managers, FOH Managers and Finance Teams from each Hotel in their Collection

The focus of the day is dedicated to making the most of their gift vouchers. It’s a chance for all Marketing Managers from each property to get together to discuss revenue ideas and future marketing campaigns facilitated by me, SK Chase’s Training Manager who is on hand to demonstrate new features, provide specialist knowledge on successful campaigns and give an insight into potential revenue enhancing campaigns.

The day continues with FOH, Spa Managers and Finance Teams from each property joining so that by the end of the session all are fully trained. There is the opportunity to discuss with me any queries that arise in selling, booking and redeeming gift vouchers in house so that procedures can be updated accordingly. FOH Managers return to their individual hotels with the confidence to train their teams in conjunction with our online training offering (Help & Support tab and Interactive Help tool) and are clear on Historic Sussex Hotel’s procedures for their Gift Vouchers that have been agreed on the day.

Another great example of meeting our clients’ bespoke requirements is Rocco Forte Hotels. I have travelled to their UK and Europe hotels delivering bespoke training sessions to Marketing, Finance and FOH and F&B Teams. The sessions are all personal to each Rocco Forte Hotel covering internal procedures for Marketing Campaigns, statistics and targets for future gift voucher revenue and covering Rocco Forte Hotels SOP’s in partnership with SK Chase software features.

Staff Conferences are also a fabulous opportunity for SK Chase to present and train teams. These Conference sessions vary, depending on the occasion, whether it be Marketing Managers putting together their Marketing Strategies for their Gift Vouchers; Finance Teams who are implementing a new procedure for managing Gift Voucher revenue; to FOH Managers of large hotel groups who, making the most of the fact that they are all together, can be trained as SK Chase ‘Champions’ with a view to being the internal experts and trainers on their gift voucher software.

Training at SK Chase is complimentary once a client has been set up. When new clients come on board we are eager to work together with them and offer bespoke friendly, innovative training to ensure all teams have confidence in using our software to its maximum potential. And feedback is extremely positive …. 98% of those that have been trained by us are highly satisfied with their training session.

Working with SK Chase is the best solution for luxury hotels who would like to develop and grow their gift voucher sales – we care for and support our clients and the training we offer is just one of the many ways in which we do this.