We’re going through internal change within SK Chase right now. It feels like a deep cleansing period; we’re reviewing exactly what we do, why we do it and who we do it for. To do this properly, we have acknowledged areas of our business that haven’t worked out (and why) and now agreeing upon what stays and what goes – and how we can build upon those areas that have worked out (because there are those areas too!) – so that we can make them even better.

We are working at a fast pace – the whole team is on board and committed to this journey. Sometimes it feels scary, most times it feels amazing and I love the unity this brings. We’re making many decisions that are changing the shape of our business – most definitely for the better.

As a result of this cleansing period I’m already feeling clearer and seeing a sharper picture of our vision. Yes, these are challenging times – and exciting times too!

Right now I’m focusing on both accepting what is whilst simultaneously seeing a clear picture of who I want to be and what I want our business to look and feel like in the future.

As I shared in my last post, I’m committed to improving our relationships with our customers – and I’m so grateful to those hotels who work with us and help us develop and grow. Thank you!