The answer seems obvious at first, however during our recent coaching day with Fergus (Shirlaws – Love Business) – Steph and I took a surprising amount of time coming up with what taking responsibility actually meant for us…
And it’s an interesting questions because Steph and I have a 50/50 business relationship – we operate an equal partnership and have unintentionally created a situation where, in some cases, it’s not clear (to us or our team) who is ultimately responsible for certain functions of our business.

Thank fully we have complementary strengths and naturally veer towards different aspects – however we’ve never properly acknowledged who’s in charge of what and in some cases both of us try to be the boss…

Certainly one thing we’ve learned – and realised through experience – is that when it is not clear who is the ‘Captain’ of a project – or when two people are responsible – the project doesn’t achieve our desired outcome. It has become clear, too, that for me responsibility evokes fear within – fear of being trapped (I have a strong desire to be free); fear of failure (what will people think?); … and guess what? Fear of success (do I really deserve such huge success?).

We have a clear vision – we can see the vividly painted picture of our exciting future – and we know that when we do experience these fears – which are inevitable – to question the fear, and not the vision.

Interestingly, Fergus, our coach, asked us what the opposite of responsibility is; blame. And both Steph and I have experienced blame cultures – in previous roles – so it’s ironic, isn’t it, that whilst I’ve always maintained that we would do everything in our power to prevent a blame culture within SK Chase, we have, to a small degree and certainly subconsciously, done just that. Because if we (Steph and I) don’t feel that awareness and step up and say – Okay, this is mine, the buck stops with me – then what happens? Well, there’s always an external reason as to why things don’t work out the way you want them too.

Not only that, but how can Steph and I expect each member of our team to take responsibility for things if we ourselves aren’t sure of who’s responsible for what?
So it’s only fair that Steph and I face our feelings, take self-responsibility, commit to taking ownership and be fully accountable for our desired outcomes. And invite our team to do the same – for their areas of the business.
I experienced a mental and physical shift from within when I started (only recently) to take full responsibility for myself. I.e. accepting and acknowledging that I create the whole of my reality (albeit subconsciously much of the time). But it feels wonderful and I feel like I now have the key to creating the sort of life I really want.
So… this subject currently interests me a great deal – and regardless of the current economic climate, in order for us all to realise our goals it is vital that we each take responsibility for ourselves and our businesses.