Each month, we like to share what we are up to at SK Chase;

In May:

• Our new IT partners John Henry came up to Edinburgh for their induction to SK Chase. It is great for the team to have met them and we are looking forward to working together in the future.
• Kaye is learning about social media and the impact it is having on businesses
• Ben held his first coaching session with the rest of the team on KPIs, which was great and we all got a lot out of. Following the session the team have been busy reviewing the current KPIs of their functions to see how relevant they are and setting some new ones.
• Jan has been working on a new look ‘help tab’ to improve our gift application and most importantly help answer our customers queries quicker – look out for this soon!
• Kate has been tackling the second lot of quarterly accounts for this financial year. This is just the second time Kate has done these, she is looking forward to the process and applying her key learnings from last time.
• Steph has been spending a lot of time focussing on the risk and compliance function of our business looking at training, profiling and setting KPIs for it.
• Catharine has had her first taste of personal coaching with Kaye, where she discovered her personal intent, which she is ‘enjoying’ applying to her daily life.
• Dani is attending a ‘Warrior Spirit Course with Unlimited Success’ on 21st to 23rd May, designed to develop qualities of courage, responsibility, conviction and passion.
• We now have an unofficial running club on a Wednesday afternoon, which started in May. Steph, Kate and Catharine hit the tracks (well pavements etc) and so far, usually come back soaking wet. They all say they enjoy it though and keep asking the others to join them – with no luck so far!

The team outside of work;

• Kaye and her husband Ian drove all the way from Scotland to Italy!
• Heather has planted a herb garden and already cooking with the herbs in bread, pasta and omelettes – yummy!
• Kate has now chosen and ordered her wedding dress(after receiving her Mum’s approval) and is jetting off on holiday to Florida on 21st May for 2 weeks! Lucky for some!
• Dani has created a group called ‘Live in the Moment – Now is All We Have’ to share the work of Ariel and Shya Kane, whose seminars she attends, with people in the UK. The group is all about the mantra that ‘working on yourself doesn’t work’ and engaging people to live their life more directly rather than being lost in their own thoughts.
• Ben attended the ‘Dead by Dawn’ festival in Edinburgh, which he said was the best one for years, although resulted in a red bull hangover! And has now finished the first track for his solo-album – a busy month for some!
• Jan is looking forward to Penicuik Hunter and Lass Festival Week, which takes place between 21st and 28th May. As an ex Hunter’s Lass and member of the Penicuik Hunter and Lass Committee she has been busy for a while helping to prepare for the events – fingers crossed now for nice weather!