After three and a half years of working with SK Chase, it’s time for me to slowly say good bye.

I am moving back to Vienna, Austria to set up my own business where I will be holding workshops and creating empowerment tools for people that are on their own awakening journey and are ready for their own self realisation.

I ‘d like to use my final blog to share with you some of my highlights while working with SK Chase and wanted to thank the SK Chase team, our clients, JEM our fulfilment partner and Fergus our business coach for being part of that special leg of my journey.

Meeting Kaye and learning about SK Chase

The first time I heard about SK Chase was when I received a phone call from a recruitment company asking me whether I was interested in a job working for a gift voucher company. My mind instantly said no “a gift voucher company, why would I want to work for a gift voucher company?” as I had no interest in gift vouchers then. However the heart succeeded and my intuition was pulling me to go to the interview. When I met Kaye, we instantly clicked, one reason being we were both passionate about Personal Development which has played a big part in my relationship with Kaye ever since. When I left the interview with Kaye, I knew I had the job. I felt so buzzed up and excited, I knew it was going to be a great adventure. It was the first time where I heard my intuition clearly saying “YES, YES, YES”. Two hours later came the phone call from the recruitment company to say “I’ve done well in the interview” and a few weeks later I started working for SK Chase and haven’t regretted a moment ever since. It’s been an amazing journey, not because of what we do i.e. enabling our clients to sell gift vouchers, but because of the “why” we do it, which is “to set free“. Our business intent played a big role in my journey, as truly the three and a half years of working with SK Chase were all about setting “myself free” and SK Chase was a tool for my own personal transformation, a playground where I’ve learnt to become more self responsible, more self empowered and how to become a better communicator. It was the perfect space for me to grow. Thanks Kaye and Steph for setting up the business and providing me with that space for my own development. It’s like saying thanks to your parents, just in a business kind of way 🙂

Self Responsibility

At SK Chase one truly learns to become self responsible, as unlike any other company I’ve worked for before, we are given the trust to run and create our own functions. What this means is we are self responsible for doing our job, meeting our targets that we’ve set for ourselves and changing things that are not working for us in our functions. It almost feels like running your own business, which is an amazing responsibility to have and an honour to have received the trust from the business owners. Unlike other companies that still run their businesses based on hierarchy, power, blame and control, our business is based on trust and love.


At SK Chase I learned about the three stages of a relationship: dependency, independence and interdependency. When I started at SK Chase I was still in a dependent stage of my life, depending on people around me to provide me with knowledge, wisdom and happiness, as I hadn’t yet realised all these things within myself. I had to overcome challenges of not being able to please our clients if we had to say no to working with clients when they didn’t match our target market or simply facing situations where we couldn’t do what our clients wanted us to. It was a challenge for me over the past years to learn that it’s not about pleasing others, but about being true to ourselves. Over the past two years, I’ve grown into a more independent and interdependent space, trusting in myself and this has now allowed me to go off to set up my own business. Thanks again SK Chase for setting me free so I am now able to start my own business adventure. The experience at SK Chase, whether it was training up clients, facilitating ‘Together Conversations’ when meeting new clients and taking them through the set up process, or learning how to work together as a team…all prepared me for the next leg of my journey.

Tools for Life

At SK Chase I’ve learnt tools for life, from a framework on how to facilitate meetings and workshops to how to structure my communications with clients and increase efficiency. These tools have all helped me to become more efficient in my communication and be really clear when talking to our clients. Thanks to Fergus our business coach from Shirlaws for providing us with these gems of wisdom and thanks Kaye and Steph for investing in business coaching that benefits us too on a personal level. I now know how to keep things “short and sweet” and not to waffle and create drag 🙂


My biggest challenge in the past years has been communication. I used to waffle, not being able to express myself, played small, not spoke my truth. All these communication issues came to the surface over the past few years and SK Chase provided me with a safe space to overcome these issues. Due to the SK Chase team being really close knit, there is no way for anyone to hide. I was being accepted with all my flaws and was given the trust and tools to move through my own challenges. Thanks for your unconditional love SK Chase team and for the many hours of coaching from Kaye!

The Purpose of Work

At SK Chase I realised for the first time that one just doesn’t work for “work’s sake”. Why do any job if you don’t enjoy it? Life is not a punishment where we have to work to do our deeds, it no longer becomes about earning money for the money sake, it’s about truly embracing life and enjoying the experience, doing what one is passionate doing. At SK Chase I’ve realised that my intent is “to heal” and over the past three and a half years I was able to heal myself by learning how to fully trust myself in various different business situations. This was possible because I’ve been given the responsibility and trust by SK Chase, with guidelines and tools and lots of room for self expression and creation. One doesn’t learn to trust if they are being micro managed by the bosses above, but instead given the space and trust to make their own decisions and experience the consequences of these decisions and creations. When I first learnt about my intent “to heal” I was confused, after all I was working for a gift voucher company and not for a healing centre. How could I possibly live my intent at SK Chase I was pondering then? Looking back and integrating all the wisdom from the past three and a half years working with SK Chase, I can see the amazing gift I was given and allowed myself to experience; I was given the gift of setting myself free in every possible way, but foremost, I was given the freedom to be me.

Thank you SK Chase Team, you will be forever in my heart! Love Dani