Cyber-crime is on the increase and no industry is immune as people devise increasingly creative methods to commit fraud.

The UK lost almost £11bn to cyber criminals in 2016 and this figure is set to grow as offenders come up with more sophisticated ways to harm to any and every business, including those in the 4-5 star luxury hotel market.

SK Chase is the leading gift voucher company for luxury hotels, making it very easy for them to manage and sell their gift experiences (such as afternoon tea, overnight stays, spa and golfing gift vouchers) online, via their website.

Investing in security

Our professional and friendly service sets our clients free from day to day tasks around gift vouchers; from shop and buy, to deliver and redemption, we take care of every aspect of the gift voucher process, including a seamless and secure purchase experience for buyers.

Cyber Detectives

We’re committed to providing our clients with the best service possible and to help counter fraud we have procedures in place and skilled members of the team, who work to proactively prevent cyber-crime.

Criminals looking for new opportunities

Sadly cyber-crime affects us all – fraud and cyber-crime are now the country’s most common offences – no one and no business is bullet proof. More venues than ever are being targeted by fraudsters, as the number of people buying gift experiences online rises; we’re taking steps to counter this, making things easier for our clients and helping protect them against the persistent threat of being a victim to cyber-crime.