New Gift Voucher ‘Dashboard’ released

We were delighted to release a new gift voucher dashboard to all our 330+ clients in March 2017, bringing them instant access to their gift voucher sales data and all the benefits that having this at their fingertips brings.

The dashboard was designed to visualise simply and clearly key gift voucher performance indicators that matter, such as sales figures (both volume and value of gift vouchers), gift voucher site category splits (such as dining, golf, spa, overnight stays) and delivery and purchase method breakdowns.

It’s accessed easily via their cloud based management system with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Clients can choose a time period to view their sales performance – for example, day by day over a 30 days period, or by month or year and are able to compare sales to the same time period of the previous year and show key gift buying dates, such as Christmas and Mother’s Day.

This new enhancement makes it much easier (& quicker!) for our clients to manage and understand their gift voucher performance, by turning their figures into an engaging dashboard; It helps them their track progress more easily, set goals and optimise activity to drive growth.