Welcome to infographic #2

This infographic looks at the male / female buyer percentage split.

It’s best to view our infographic in full by clicking onto this PDF.

As you can see, women purchase the most gift vouchers!

Although not a huge surprise that women are the predominant buyers, what is interesting is how high the split is.

Different approaches to online shopping

Being aware of how (in general) men and women differ in the ways they purchase online can help our clients market their gift vouchers to the right people at the right time, for example in promotions on their websites, targeted mailshots or via social media channels.

Men buy, women shop?

Online shopping research shows us that in general:

  • Men tend to stick to their mission when shopping online (taking less time to complete a purchase), while women view shopping as an experience and spend more time browsing, looking through categories and items, considering the possibilities.
  • Female shoppers tend to start their shopping (for an event such as Christmas) earlier than men, with men making more last minute purchases.
  • Men are bigger spenders. One study shows that men tend to spend 31% more on average on an online purchase than women. It may be a case of men simply buying more items all at once to minimize virtual shopping trips, but maybe they are just more generous!Maybe….