What a team! 

Check out one of our team shots from last month’s photo shoot by Marc from Klaklak – what a lovely team we make (if we do say so ourselves!).


We’ve been using the individual photos taken for our Linkedin profile pictures and on other relevant places, such as Skype.  As well as updating the photos, the team have been spending some time on Linkedin,  so that we can start sharing our interesting blogs, updates and more.

Check out our sales manager Dani’s Linkedin profile here. And a few other people who you may recognise, our client services manager Jonathan and service delivery manager, Ben.


Kaye, Steph and Linda are attending a Masterclass on ‘Building Sustainable Growth in the Current Climate’ with Darren Shirlaw, founder of Shirlaws on Tuesday 30th April. They are looking forward to the masterclass, as Kaye shared that she always leaves these workshops energised and inspired.


The finance function is having a bit of a revival. Kate has organised a training plan so that the finance team can learn new tasks and leverage their learning’s.


We’ll be introducing a monthly inforgaphic soon. Infographics are really interesting graphic representations of information, data or knowledge. We’ll be sharing the most interesting points we can find on gift vouchers, which we hope will be valuable and useful for you to know.

Watch out for our first one soon…