The whole team are still committed to our ‘Together’ project and had another ‘Together’ workshop at the end of last month, where we were coached on what we need to focus on to achieve togetherness, ie what’s  at the source/ It was great to acknowledge what we do well already and have an awareness of what might be getting in the way of us working together and what we could do differently. We are looking forward to our next workshop this week to focus on howwe can achieve the cultural source of working together and being interdependent, ie how we can be responsible and trust. Kaye can see how SK Chase is about to enter the ‘next phase’ of our business life-cycle – very exciting.

Capacity has come back as a focal point for Stpeh who will be sharing the concept of the Capacity Framework with the team over the next couple of weeks. It is a great framework that will being a common understanding around business growth.

Jonathon had his first few client meetings, which he is loving so far and has been working on his area of the budget, which he said is a lot to consider but is interesting.

Dani has also been preparing for our new budget by working out the sales and training budgets.

As well as starting to bring everything together for our next financial year’s budget Kate has been working through new policy and procedures for HR to complement our new staff handbook.

Ben is really excited about seeing the designs for our System Rebuild Project and everything coming together in the next few weeks for when he is back to work after being on paternity leave. Jan is stepping into Ben’s project manager shoes while he is away and hope everything stays on track.

The System Rebuild is on our marketing function’s radar at the moment, with Heather working on the visuals so that we can present the improvements to our clients.

And it is already time to get organised for Christmas at SK Chase with Catharine working out stock levels and how much we need to ask for from each client to keep them going over our busiest period. Getting this done early will not only help us in our search for excellence and efficiency but will set our clients free, enabling them to concentrate on their core business and not worry about voucher stationery over the busy months.

And on a personal note;

Our Together Project has resonated with Kaye on a deeper level than she originally anticipated and is beginning to realise the full value of inter-dependency in all areas of her life. She has a feeling that big shifts are afoot…

Catharine’s new bike

A new mountain bike is on its way for Catharine, which will arrive in a couple of weeks so she is very excited!

Ben is now off on paternity leave with the team anxious to hear if it’s a boy or girl.

After a most enjoyable 3 week holiday in France last month where wine and cheese was her staple diet, Steph has decided it is time to get back on track with healthy eating and exerceise – she will be applying her personal context of ‘balance’ so that she doesn’t go overboard or feel deprived.

Kate went down to Manchester for her Hen Do, which was mostly a surprise organised by her bridesmaids.

Heather has signed up to attend a ‘Digital Art’ evening class which starts in September.

Dani organised a dance walk event in London where a group of dance lovers dance walk from Picadilly Circus to South Bank whilst listening to the same playlist on their iPods.

Jon is gearing up for his holiday at the end of August where he will be heading to a music festival in Paris with friends then embarking on a 2 week adventure in Southern France and Northern Italy, with a stop at a certain Kaye Taylor’s house in the middle!

And Jan is just back from scaling Mount Snowdon with a group of 20 people to raise money for a family friend who has Raynaud’s disease. It was just a shame about the views from the top…


At least we had a great view coming back down!


Amazing views from the top of Snowdon…