Each month we’d like to share what we’re up to at SK Chase.

In February:

No one received any flowers to the office this Valentine’s Day. But if you were given a gift voucher from one of our lovely customers, we hope you have a brilliant time when you use it!

February also means that our first quarter’s management accounts are due, so Kate has been working on these. She has now been preparing the quarterly accounts for a year and has had many key learning’s from this.

Progress is being made on our system rebuild project and Kaye is very excited as she has seen the wire-frames (visuals) for one of our first releases and knows how much of a difference it will make to our clients look to buy ratio.

The red team, the business support side of the business, had a workshop and agreed on and subscribed to a new commercial context of ‘efficient’. We are now thinking about what areas of our functions can be more efficient. One project that is an outcome of this is a stock control project, where Catharine would like to review our current procedures and make them easier and more efficient.

Dani is currently working on our training project, with a vision to further develop the way we provide our training sessions, catering to the training needs of our customers. She is now at the external and internal research phase, so you may receive a call from her soon so we can learn more about your needs.

Steph has started to attend ‘Mindfulness at Lunchtime’ which takes place almost next door to the SK Chase office. The purpose of the session is to help you to be fully in the present and calm the mind, which fits in perfectly with her current personal context of ‘space’. The rest of the team might be joining her!

And Heather and Jan are heading down to Google HQ at the end of the month to have a look at the latest trends and opportunities to help a business succeed online.

And on a personal note;

Catharine has achieved her first New Year’s resolution by moving into the Green Group (the top group) at British Military Fitness

Steph has paid a deposit on a lovely new build home in Kirkliston, so will be donning her ‘interior designer’ hat soon to select carpets, kitchen, flooring etc, with a move in date of May or June.

Kate will be picking up her wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses next week and is spending a lot of her spare time wedding planning, although she is hoping to take a step back and enjoy it all.

Heather is trying to make broccoli bread!

Dani will be hosting her first workshop on Sunday called Conscious Connections where the ingredients of healthy relationships and what desperation looks like will be explored, conscious connection games will be played and some love poems will be read.

Kaye and Steph travelled to Glasgow for the Strictly Come Dancing Tour. They thought it was A-MAZ-ING and thought the chemistry between Mark Foster and Natalie Lowe was electrifying!

Ben is on holiday, back home to Sheffield.

And Jan has been planning her best friend’s Hen Do. As it’s a surprise for the Bride to be all she can say is; Mary Berry meets Sydney Bristow…