Happy New Year from the SK Chase Team!


Our culture is very unique and special to us, therefore when anyone new joins SK Chase we make sure they understand our values. Kaye has recently held two values workshops for our two newest recruits, Jon and Linda. She shared that it has been really interesting sharing the stories and examples of how we use our values of being true, courageous and fair to all as a guide in our daily lives.


Functionality is a business focal point. Our Functionality project is helping us get clear on what the ‘next phase’ of SK Chase looks like and what new opportunities are opening up. We’re currently focussing on Roles and Responsibility and our team perfectly demonstrated living our values at our third team coaching session this week held at The Bonham.

Setting Free

We are continuing to work on streamlining the set up process. We’ve got loads of really great ideas and Ben is looking forward to reaching the design phase. The aim is to make setting up a new customer quicker, easier and more automated.

We have also spent some time working on a sales ebrochure which we hope will show potential clients how SK Chase can set them free from the hassle of gift vouchers and give them the opportunity to generate more income.


Linda had a very interesting and busy month for Training, as many of our clients had been updating and improving their voucher offering to maximise sales over the Christmas period. There has been a real focus on the reporting aspect of our Gift Voucher Application, with clients particularly interested to see how they can use information more effectively to analyse their best sellers and rejuvenate their gift voucher catalogues. As always, no training session is ever the same as another. It certainly keeps her on her toes!

Looking Forward to 2013

The New Year brings new and exciting things for the SK Chase, such as a new website and system improvements which we will keep you updated with through our blog, emails and social media channels.

What does 2013 hold for you…?

Happy New YEar