We hope that you all had a lovely Mother’s Day and if you got a gift voucher, we hope you enjoy using it! And even before we have a chance to think about Easter of Father’s Day, Christmas is on the cards already! Well, for one member of staff so far…

The lead up to Christmas is our busiest time of year and Catharine is starting a Christmas reflection paper which will help her improve things for this year as part of her stock project. Organising our customers gift voucher stock in advance of Christmas is a big task, we need to ensure we have enough in stock so we are able to fulfil all of the extra Christmas orders.

We have all been working on the visions for the functions we manage over the past couple of months. Kate had a coaching session with Steph on her vision for Finance and felt really energised by it and now has a clear picture of what she wants Finance to look like moving forward. She now has time scheduled to put together a vision statement and then can start working towards reaching this. And Ben is looking forward to spending time with Kaye and Steph looking at the future of Service Delivery and IT.

We decided it is about time we took true ownership of our legal function and increase legal knowledge within SK Chase. Kaye and Jan are now working on this, with Kaye sharing her knowledge with Jan. They are starting with reviewing the client contracts, which is so far proving very interesting.

We are also preparing for an increase of Royal Mail postage and packaging prices due in April. Ben is strangely quite excited about this as it gives him a great opportunity to practice the new Excel things he learned at our recent excel course.

Heather has been working on new About Us pages for our website, which are now live. Visit our website to read over them. Each of the photos of the team represent them living their intent – the why we do what we do.

We have also now switched to using Facebook Timeline. Take a look at our new look page, we love the new layout and features.

And Steph is feeling really excited about our new risk management focus.  It’s all a bit mysterious at the moment I’m afraid – watch this space…

And on a personal note;

Ben and his wife Marie-Claire have announced they have a baby on the way, due in August, which is fantastic news! Ben shared that they have been purchasing baby items this month; a pram, clothes and Ben had loads of fun putting a breast pump together! He is also trying to enjoy the last few months of freedom and will be attending the annual Dead by Dawn 4 horror film marathon at the end of March.

Steph has recently selected all of the flooring, kitchen, bathrooms etc. for her new house which she is still hoping to move into at the end of May.  It’s so nice to pick everything from scratch and really excited to see the house coming together.

Kate and her fiancé Kevin have now booked their honeymoon. They are heading to Mauritius for 2 weeks on the 3rd December to an all inclusive resort, which they are very excited about that.

Broccoli Bread Rolls

Heather’s broccoli bread turned out really well and this month she is strengthening her mind by reading Jane Eyre.

Dani  is attending a ‘Relax Kids Teacher’ workshop at the end of March. It is designed to help children relax, improve sleep, increase learning, boost exam results, decrease stress and anxiety and improve children’s self esteem. Dani wants to ultimately play a part in changing the main stream school education and for kids to use their emotional intelligence plus intellectual intelligence at school to bring more balance into their lives. So this Relax Kids teacher course is the first step towards my vision!

Catharine competed in the Mighty Deerstalker 10 mile night time trail race on Saturday. She thought it was amazing and did so well. She was the 30th female out of 506 and 299th overall out of 1620 finishers with a time of 2 hours and 2 minutes.

Super Bunny Cupcake

The hen do Jan was planning for her best friend went very well at the start of March, the cupcake decorating lesson went down a treat, they looked amazing!

And Kaye is enjoying a skiing holiday as I type!