Exciting news this month, we have now filled the 2 vacancies we had for Key Account Manager and Client Training Manager (both London based) with two very lovely people. We are sure that they would love to introduce themselves once they have started…so watch this space!

Ben is really enjoying his new role as Project Manager of the System Rebuild Project. Before he stepped up into this role he thought it was a big scary task, which he didn’t fully understand and felt like a huge responsibility. Now that he is into it he feels it is nowhere near as scary as he first thought and is actually quite a lot of fun. The project is still running smoothly and we’re still really excited about the benefits it will have for our customers.

It is performance review time at SK Chase so everyone is on their best behaviour! Steph has been focussing on preparing and carrying out performance reviews with the red team. She loves sitting down with the team and acknowledging achievements as well as looking forward together to see how the business can support individual growth as well as then looking at the bigger picture from a business growth perspective. She finds it very

Hard Drive!


Jan has been gaining some knowledge of our IT function this month so that she can begin to support in this area of the business. There is a lot to take in, but who knew that memory and hard drives could be described as tables and filing cabinets to help explain them – but it helped with Jan’s understanding!

Kate is wrapping up the fraud project this month, which is aimed to help SK Chase detect and deal with fraudulent orders more efficiently and has had a lot of key learning’s along the way.

And Dani is focusing on setting up some lovely new clients this month.

And on a personal note;

It is getting closer to Steph’s house move date on 1st June and is getting the final paperwork in place. She has to start packing this week and is taking a couple of weeks off to get stuck in and look after her 2 ear old daughter at the same time – she loves a challenge!

Kate donated blood for the first time a couple of weeks ago, which is something she had been meaning to do for ages but something always seemed to come up. She said that she didn’t like the actual process and it was a bit sore but she felt good afterwards and wants to make it a regular thing.

Dani is volunteering at a Cuddle Workshop soon and will be holding a Freedo Class for children and adults with her friend at an Indian Festival in Dorset at the end of the month. Freedo is a movement class which is based on spiritual Aikido combined with using the power of symbols to achieve personal freedom.

Kaye is looking forward to driving back to Italy from Edinburgh via Amsterdam on Monday. Although it’s a long way, Kaye always really enjoys the journey and the ferry never ceases to amaze her with its range of entertainment, including bingo!

Jan – Hunter’s Lass 2007

Jan is looking forward to another successful Hunter and Lass Week starting on Saturday. Penicuik Hunter and Lass is an annual weeklong festival that takes place in her home town and has a different event on every night to involve the whole community. As well as a trip down to Wales for a Wedding and short break at the beginning on June.

The Download festival is less than a month away and guess which one of us is going…Ben of course! It will be his last big ‘all guns blazing’ party weekend before his baby is due to arrive and he has to start behaving. He thinks the line up is absolutely superb this year, and if the rain stays away it’s going to be incredible.

And Catharine and Heather are enjoying some lovely well earned time off! Catharine is off on holiday to Bahrain, staying with her Uncle and Aunt for a fun filled 10 days of swimming, sailing and tennis. And Heather is off to enjoy a few days with friends in Spain but is sure she’ll miss her twin girls immensely!