The team have now transformed internal communications since our Communications Workshop. We are all now trying to think and put in to action ways we can implement the same transformation to external communication and utilise our key learnings across other aspects of our business, such as our website and policies and procedures.


At our Together Workshops we learned that the commercial source of being interderdependent (Together) was the next phase of functionality as well as communication. Functionality is now a new business focal point and we had our first full team coaching session on this last week at The Caledonian. The first session was a good reminder of functionality, and a good opportunity to deepen our understanding on it. We are now thinking of what 3 things to focus on as a team at the next few sessions…

Setting Free with IT

We have a lot of improvements happening within our IT function. One of the best things that will impact our team massively, since so many of us work remotely, is the implementation of Dropbox, a new way to save and share files rather than the VPN we used to use which was slow and unreliable.

IT are also starting a new project on Streamlining the Setup Process, which is in the planning phase. We are hoping this will make setting up new customers quicker, easier and more automated.

A New Year a New Website

As we are starting to head towards Christmas and a brand new year, our marketing team have started to plan a brand new website design. Our aim is to make it fresh, dynamic, improve the visitor experience and more accurately reflect SK Chase. We are really looking forward to being creative with this and our team photo shoot of course!

Sun in December!

And we all wish Kate a wonderful time on her honeymoon to Mauritius to soak up the sunshine while we are wrapping up warm from the cold!