Communication Project

Since our Together Project sessions, Kaye can feel herself moving from an ‘independent’ state to a place of interdependence with the team – and that’s all because of trust (trusting myself and my colleagues). It feels great.

The team have also committed to a spin-off project that came out of our Together sessions focused on communication. It’s the first time we’ve really examined communication, something we take for granted – and it’s a fascinating subject. Each member of the team have completed the Think Feel Know Indicator so we are ready for our next communication workshop, where we are going to look at our key learnings and what we can actively start to do day to day that will improve communication.

Linda took part in Channel 4’s “The Plane Crash”, via it’s interactive life or death social media link on Facebook.  Apart from the anxious moments where she waited to see if she survived, she was struck by the fact that she was part of an online community, sharing the same experience at the same time. As well as being able to download a report on how you personally would have fared in your seat, it proved to be a huge talking point amongst her friends who took part. The reason Linda wanted to share this is  that it brings home the power of social media in communicating messages or raising awareness – it’s just a matter of how creative you are with it – so we’ll see what somes out of our workshop and how creative we can be.

 HR Project is Complete

Our HR Project is now complete. We have completed our new staff handbook and updated staff contracts so that they reflect SK Chase in a much better way. By taking responsibility for this in house it has been more rewarding than if we had asked an outsourced company to do this.

 Improving Customer Service

We are very pleased with how Chase Response are getting on after they started handling our telephone and email support to our clients last month.  Our service delivery manager, Ben is continuing to review their performance on a daily basis and will continue to do so during our busy Christmas period.

Good Luck

Dani is holding her first personal evening talk in October exploring the subject of ‘relationships’. While being excited she is also finding the thought of it quite nerve wrecking, so good luck on the night Dani!

 Wedding Bells are Ringing Again

Wedding bells are ringing again this month after our service support manager, Jan got engaged. Planning is going well so far with the date set for 31st August next year.