Each month, we’d like to share what we are up to at SK Chase.

In September:

  • Ben & Dani are hosting SK Chase’s table at the AA Hospitality Awards in London next week.
  • We’re getting ready for Christmas! Ensuring our Fulfillment Partner JEM has plenty of gift voucher stationary & stock for each hotel & resort that uses our Gift Voucher Application so we can fulfill all gift vouchers ordered.
  • Dani has been setting up new clients so they can benefit from Christmas Gift Voucher sales and has been working on our new ”Online Training Shop’ so our clients can purchase and book training sessions online.
  • Kaye is busy working on our new product (P2) which is taking shape. We’ve now moved from the ‘Concept’ stage into the ‘Design’ phase and has already learned so many valuable lessons and has benefited hugely by taking time to talk to our existing partners and clients as well as people who have supported us in the past – and is extremely grateful for their contribution and feedback.
  • Jan has been carrying out more research for P2  and is a proud Auntie to baby Seren.
  • Kate is now getting married in less than a year  ♥
  • Heather is attending a training course this week called ‘Copy Editing and Proof Reading’.
  • Ben is starting an 8 week Mixed Martial Arts fitness and diet regime.
  • Catharine is running the half London Marathon on Sunday.
  • Steph is going to Tenerife for a well deserved girlie holiday on Friday, then back to do a 10K run and then off to Portugal! (what fit employees we have here!)
  • Kaye is extremely excited as she has purchased the most beautiful pair of Ski Boots (see pics below) and intends to use them as much as possible during winter 🙂