A dedicated team of developers are continuing work on the SK Chase suite of applications and we’re currently implementing a new design and user experience of the voucher ‘browse’ on our clients’ digital voucher stores, with a number of going ‘live’ with the new design in February.

As well as a much improved fresh and modern design, with an enhanced capability to live more seamlessly within each venues’ brand, it is also a flexible and adaptable base to better accommodate our vision of ongoing development. We firmly believe that the best road to software development success is to move fast, but take small steps. This means us making updates to the live system on a regular basis and optimising and building upon what has been released.

Following this, we’ll roll out our new voucher campaign pages, making it much easier and effective when promoting gifting events, such as Mother’s Day and Wedding Gifts as examples, and/or any area that clients wish to promote their experiences in, such as Spa or Golf departments.

Our next goal will be the checkout and we’ve already made excellent headway on this, ensuring that not only will it be fully compliant (both GDPR & PCI DSS), with the highest levels of fraud protection in place, but that it will be a seamless process, aiding the buyer through their own purchase journey.

We’re also investing in a ‘Conversion Rate Optimisation’ programme; we believe that an ongoing programme of tests and tweaks to both the checkout and browse will help increase the ‘look to buy’ percentage’, thus giving the buyer an improved experience, in addition to increasing income for the venues we work with.

SK Chase pioneered gift voucher technology over 14 years ago and we have great plans for the future that will help transform both our business and that of the luxury hotels that we work with, helping us reach the highest levels of our potential.