In today’s society we are constantly on the go, always in a rush, burning the candle at both ends.

Our days are mapped out to the last minute, we follow high schedules. Our world is geared up to feed our desire to cram as many activities into our day as possible.

I attended a talk a few months back on sporting adventures and one of the speakers impressed the fact that working a 9 to 5 job we had 16 free hours to fill outside of the office. Does this mean we are expected to fill each and every one of those 16 hours? Is being busy the norm?

At SK Chase we’ve recently embarked on an energy course called ‘Inside Out’ with Natalie Alexander, visiting and focussing on our different energy centres, in order to improve the flow of our business. Through heightened awareness we’ve discovered areas where we can improve and do more, unravelled these and had a good crack at solving the source issue. We’ve improved communication by being acutely aware of how we show up to each other, to our clients and to our suppliers. We’ve learnt about ourselves and we’ve learnt about one another, coming together to revisit our priorities and realign our energy.

This has enabled us to be more strategic in our decision making and our planning for future focal points. Crucially, we have done this course at a very busy time, one of the busiest SK Chase has ever seen in fact, right in the middle of the release of our new software.

Initially we all had our reservations about capacity and the lack of it, wondering how we would fit even a few extra minutes into our already packed schedules. But we quickly got into the swing of things and managed to fit the tasks into our lives quite easily. The course has given us the space we have needed to get through a busy period and the confidence to stop and think, take a step back and reassess and most importantly it has shown us how to slow down to speed up.

In our ever busy lives, I would encourage you all to come up for some air, take a bird’s eye view of things and revisit your plan, your priorities and path to achieving your goals…slow down to speed up.