As the shops begin to play a couple more festive songs, and the street decoration boxes begin to get unpacked up and down the country, it is near on impossible to miss that Christmas is coming… and for some it comes earlier and earlier each year.

Each year, we dust of the resolutions of yesteryear to avoid the stresses, over indulgence and expense. It is a special time of year. Christmas for many can have it’s sparkle tarnished by negative feelings but at its core is the opportunity to spend time with those you love; friends and family.

Pressure on what to wear, what to eat, where to go or what to give…

Whilst we can’t help with fashion advice or top culinary tips on how to cook the perfect roast turkey, we can lift some of the burden of Christmas shopping and gift buying by providing you with an extensive range of luxury gift experiences from a selection of UK luxury hotels and resorts, spas, golf courses and restaurants.

Our research has found that 98% people felt giving a gift experience was a better option for those ‘who have everything’ and the same number said experiences made them feel happy.

And why wouldn’t it?!

Time is precious and time with those closest to you is all the more so. By giving an experience as a present you extend the positive experience of giving… the gratitude of the gift, the excitement of looking forward to the date of the experience, the day or event itself and the long lasting memories that live long after the occasion.

Experiences also offer the chance to try something new, visit somewhere different and possibly learn new skills. By sharing those experiences only strengthens the memories they will create.

Material gifts are great, if you are confident you know what they’d like, what they haven’t got already, what colour and size will be best. As a recipient, how often are you left feeling guilty of seeming to be ungrateful for a gift you are now going to have to return, exchange or possibly re-gift. As the gloom of January arrives, so does the need to visit the Returns desk or organise a courier collection.

Experiences don’t need to be expensive either. Of course, there are some gorgeous hotel suites that can sell for thousands of pounds if you are looking for a lavish night away with dinner in Michelin star restaurants. Equally, a round of golf, spa day or a simple afternoon tea can be a more economic and just as rewarding treat. You might even wish to consider clubbing together to buy each other one experience you can share together.

Nearly three quarters of those asked, would prefer a gift experience or a gift voucher over a material gift and two thirds said they will be buying a gift experience for someone.

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