Working at SK Chase, we’re not only encouraged to live our values, which are to be true, courageous and fair, but we’re also encouraged to live our own personal intent. In fact, we even get measured whether we live our personal intent in our performance review!

What is a personal intent?

A personal intent to me is doing something that is effortless, something that I’m passionate about, something where my whole heart is fully emerged in the task in front of me and where I’m living my soul’s purpose to the fullest! An intent can be anything from “to create, to enjoy, to grow….”

As part of our personal coaching sessions with Kaye, which we can schedule in on a regular basis, I received an intent coaching session about 1.5 years ago. Kaye had asked our whole team during 1:1 sessions to let our imagination run wild for us to discover what we would love doing, if we could do anything in the world! During our intent session I shared with Kaye that I’m passionate about working with children and parents so they can both learn to grow up in a peaceful environment where transparent communication is cultivated. I had shared with Kaye that my long term vision is to build a school for children that is alternative in the sense of me offering classes that are geared towards self expression, where children can learn the power of beliefs and thoughts, learn how to connect to their intuition and tap into their inner genius! Kaye wrote down my vision and she replied to me that she feels

My intent is “to heal”

Now time has passed ever since our intent session and for a while I wasn’t quite sure how I could live my intent after all my intent to heal was quite specific and I wasn’t sure how I could heal myself or other people having never done any “healing work”! Kaye had made me aware that healing is not only meant in a literal way i.e. giving someone a “healing” session but she made me aware that it’s about how I show up on a daily basis that makes a difference and can inspire healing in other people, day to day interactions with clients, friends, people can allow me and other people to heal. That by being me “I make a difference to other people”! I didn’t quite understand what Kaye meant as I was focused on doing, doing, doing and didn’t understand that being me is enough.

A few months later back in November last year I had another coaching session with Kaye, this time it was about me learning to let go of my old behaviors from moving away to being a workaholic to actually learning how to feel safe without having a structure around me that keeps me safe. When I say structure I mean a work structure that I had created  for myself that would keep me from spending time with myself to get to know me, what I’m all about, learn about my fears and passions and a structure that kept me from doing things that I’m passionate about and stopped me from connecting with other people. Kaye had shared with me that she can see a world full of magic with endless opportunities if only I would let go of my hamster wheel that I had created for myself. What a coaching session this was, tears were rolling and I had to take a good look at myself.

Now after my conversation with Kaye in November my whole inner world changed, I went on a journey from letting go of the mind to moving into my heart! This was a scary journey as everything I ever knew and held dear fell away and I had to deal with situations that I’ve never experienced before, meeting people that were mirrors of myself to help me heal myself and my judgments! I had met people that taught me how to let go of my attachments to money, my attachments to materialistic things, I’ve learned to acknowledge fear and move through it, I’ve learned how to communicate transparently and share my fears when they came up, I’ve learned to acknowledge my mind and listen to my heart. I went to have Reiki Attunements to become a Reiki Healer, did some Shamanic Healing and also took up a Relax Kids course to learn about various breathing, massage, visualisations and affirmation techniques for children.

Some people that have been with me on my journey to my heart over the past 6 months have thought I went crazy 🙂 “Acknowledgement to the team “thanks for tolerating me in times of personal conflict with myself”. I had personally changed completely to the point where I’ve even become an alien to myself and learning to be okay with not knowing who I am anymore and being okay not knowing where things are going! I knew that I wanted change to happen, but I didn’t know who I was becoming.

Since you can only take people as far as you’ve come, I believe everything happened for a reason and will help me inspire people on their journey into their heart! There is a video I’ve recently come across that talks about the heroes journey and it refers to the story of the Matrix and compares it to the challenges one faces in becoming a hero and stepping into their own truth and power.

I’ve dedicated this blog post to Kaye, Steph and the team, as I would like to acknowledge that not every company and team would encourage their staff to live their truth and not every company is concerned about setting their staff free and supporting their staff in achieving their personal vision! Our culture is not only to set our clients free but our culture is also geared towards setting ourselves free! Kaye said to me in the past that I won’t be able to set our clients free if I’m not free myself!

So after a few months of internal struggle between my mind and heart, I have now set myself free and taken the first steps towards my vision of making a difference to children and parents and reduced my work hours to 4 days to start holding classes for children!

Thank you team and SK Chase for supporting me in my vision – what a wonderful company we have created together!

I’d like to finish off my blog with the following “Panjali” quote “When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break their bonds: Your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction, and you find yourself in a new, great, and wonderful world. Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive, and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be”.