Together business. That’s our tagline here at SK Chase – but what does it actually mean?

  • We are a together business (i.e. we’ve got our act together and we know our own value).
  • We work together with each other (we support each other within our team).
  • We work together with our customers (rather than placing our customers either above or below us, we work together with them, as a partnership in an open, honest and fair way).

Here at SK Chase we really work on being a together business – and we wanted to show this here too.

Initially the SK Chase blog was set up so that Kaye Taylor, one of the founders of SK Chase, could share her honest and upfront experiences of running a small and fast-growing business. And we’re going to continue with this topic, but we’re all going to share our thoughts. Things that are real to us, so you can really get to know the team behind SK Chase.

As it’s a new beginning, we have a new blog name

So check back with us in a few weeks to get to know our team!