Would you like to see into the future?

Predicting our clients’ gift voucher sales in December

Of course, nobody can really see into the future, but what we can do is look back, see any trends that develop and predict what is likely to happen based on previous year’s data and knowledge.

With that in mind, our latest infographic looks at gift voucher sales in the busy month of December, based on data from previous years.

We believe our infographic can help our clients with their gift vouchers sales by looking at the data in more detail in a number of ways:

Help our clients maximise gift voucher sales

There are key gift buying days and dates in December which will help plan the timings around any email and social media promotions that our clients’ run, to help maximise their effectiveness.

  • On the graph you’ll be able to see that more vouchers are consistently purchased on Mondays in December than any other day of the week.
  • The busiest sales date in December (and of the year!) is Monday 17th December.

Help our clients prepare and make things easier for their buyers

Half of all gift vouchers sold the weekend before Christmas are collected directly from the hotel (this compares to around 26% in November). This is not surprising considering how close most gift voucher buyers are: 62 – 80% of gift voucher buyers live within a five mile proximity of the hotel they buy from. By knowing this, our clients’ can prepare in advance, ensuring that they have enough gift voucher stock and trained staff on hand ready to fulfill the gift vouchers, making things easy for their buyers.