We’d all like to get a bit closer to our customers and our latest infographic looks at just how close our clients’ are to their gift voucher buyers, in relation to their hotel or resort.

We looked at a mixture of both city centre hotels and resorts and divided the data in this way. We’ve included a preview of the infographic above and to view in full, please click onto this PDF.

What’s interesting is just how close most gift voucher buyers are, with the majority living within ten miles of the hotel or resort, and in the case of City Centre hotels, within just five miles!

We believe this data can help with our clients’ with their gift vouchers sales in a number of ways including:

  • Helping with offline gift voucher marketing activities, for example by really focusing on the location of their customers when planning any offline gift voucher promotion, including newspaper advertising, billboard or postal promotion.
  • Assisting with online marketing activities, such as creating an e-mail campaign for gift vouchers, targeting buyers with postcodes within a certain radius of your hotel. For example, focusing on buyers who live within a 5 mile radius and referencing this in the email (i.e. “make the short trip” or “nip in for a spa pamper this winter….”). Not only does it make their email marketing really focused, it also makes the emails more personal and really talks to their buyers.

Our clients are able to use our gift voucher management system to download a report showing all the email addresses of buyers who have opted in to receive offers from them. They can then take this list and use a website such as ‘Free Map Tools‘ to enter their hotel’s postcode and see which postcodes lie within a certain radius.