Visiting JEM Marketing

Jon and Linda took a trip to visit JEM Marketing, our fulfilment partner. After a drive through the leafy lanes of Cranleigh, they arrived at their impressive warehouse. Before having a look around, they met their lovely team who consistently deliver outstanding service to us, our clients and our client’s customers. Having watched their batch print in progress, they accompanied them to the warehouse where they witnessed the vouchers being carefully and meticulously packaged. The warehouse stores clients stationery and merchandise and there is an impressive array of different and amazing voucher wallets, gift boxes and ribbons, not to mention the merchandise. Watching the team in action was so impressive because they seem to do everything so effortlessly. Just goes to show how easy life is when there are good processes in place to support you. Thank you to all at JEM. Jon and Linda are looking forward to their next visit already!

Streamlining the Setup Process

We are currently focusing on streamlining the set up process, making it easier for our clients to get set up on our system and start selling gift vouchers through their own website. Our hope is that the set up process will be more of an experience and by having the set up process online, that our clients find it easier and more accessible to access forms and keep track of their progress and the next steps.

Strategy Workshops

Steph has created some material for a Strategy workshop that will be shared with the team shortly. It shall go into the detail of ‘what’ strategy is and ‘how’ we do it in our business.

Best Practice Guide

Our marketing function is currently working on a ‘Gift Voucher Best Practice Guide’ for our current and future clients, which will be full of tips, ideas and best practices to ensure they are optimising their gift voucher sales.


We hope that our first infographic was of interest to you; it’s great to know ‘Birthday gift’ is the top reason for purchase, as it is an occasion our clients can optimise the whole year round.

If you missed it you can view the infographic here. And remember to watch out for future ones for more interesting gift vouchers facts.

And on a personal note…

We would like to congratulate our colleague Catharine who has bought her first home! With a move in date of next week, she has been busy packaging and getting prepared to move. We wish you a very happy new home.