Each month, we’d like to share what we are up to at SK Chase.

In June:

  • Kaye has introduced the SK Chase team to P2 – that’s Product Two! Yes.. SK Chase are going to launch a new product!! More details soon 🙂
  • Steph is focusing on the ‘Risk & Compliance’ function and is reviewing our fraud policy and procedures and continuing to implement our risk management strategy.
  • Ben is now IT manager and is working on the first development cycle with our new partner John Henry.
  • Preparations have begun for next financial year’s budget beginning in November.
  • Heather is really enjoying researching Social Media and keeps coming across startling stats e.g. social networking accounts for 1 of every 6 minutes online.
  • Jan has made further improvements to the ‘Help Tab’ and aims to promote this at the end of June.
  • Dani went to the amazing “How to make an impact course” with Ed Percival from Shirlaws. One of the biggest key learnings she had was that “people don’t buy from your Power Point slides, they buy from you”. A person’s state & personality is the most important thing when doing any presentation and Power Point slides can be a passion killer if used wrongly and can stop you from creating that special connection with your customer.
  • Kate is running the Race for for Life on Sunday 26th June – a cause close to all our hearts. Well done Kate..
  • Jan is Maid of Honour at her big sister’s wedding next month. The Hen Night was brilliant; champagne breakfast, a burlesque dancing session, BBQ, then dancing the night away in Edinburgh!
  • Ben has uploaded his new tune and you can listen to it here.
  • Heather has been learning to meditate.
  • Steph and Kaye are on holiday together (with families) enjoying La Dolce Vita in Italy. How cool that everything is in place (and their trusted team is so functional!) so SK Chase runs smoothly, and they can relax and enjoy their break.
  • Dani help break the zumba record – hundreds of fans all danced for 45 minutes – have a look!  [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0IOBB1Fn36w&feature=related]

    Kaye’s Ski Boots