We’re often asked when meeting with potential clients, ‘Why is SK Chase the specialist in luxury hotels’ & resorts’ gift voucher solutions’?

That’s our tagline at SK Chase – but just what is it that makes us able to say that we believe this to be the case?

Focus, knowledge and experience

A specialist is a person or company that concentrates primarily on a particular subject or activity; highly skilled in a specific field, possessing detailed knowledge or study of a topic.

Founded in 2003, our business has evolved over time specifically to meet the needs of luxury hotels and resorts that have, or have the potential to have, a high volume of gift voucher sales.

We only work with luxury hotels and resorts, primarily located in the UK, providing them with a complete gift voucher solution (their gift voucher site, management system and fulfilment) and we’ve developed our software and service just for this niche market.

Clients who work with us are able to offer a wide range of gift experiences across the numerous departments that they have available at their hotel (overnight stay, dining, spa, golf, etc.), generating additional revenue, whilst showcasing and enhancing their brand.

We ensure our ‘cloud based’ software stays at the leading edge of the industry and are continually investing in it to do so. Our gift voucher websites were redesigned in 2013 making them more intuitive and easy to use (for buyers and staff), alongside introducing new features such as keyword and price searches, social media integration, a streamlined checkout process and the opportunity to promote key calendar events on sites to maximise sales during peak gift-giving periods.

This year we’ve brought out three new system enhancements (including the ability to create promotional codes and voucher ‘capping’, where our clients are able to set a limit in the system for the number of a particular gift voucher that is sold), which help our clients to develop and grow their gift voucher business: and have much much more in the pipeline planned for 2015!

We are able to utilise the data we’ve gathered over the years and share our detailed knowledge of gift vouchers with our clients in the form of best practice guides, sales & marketing tips emails and infographics, with our dedicated Service Team offering guidance at every opportunity. We also provide a complimentary account managed service to clients with sales of £100K+ per year, where we offer an enhanced support service in addition to tailor made reports and reviews.

Over three hundred luxury hotels and resorts trust SK Chase with their gift voucher solution; we ‘keep the main thing the main thing’ and we’re the best option for clients that wish to set themselves free from the day to day hassle of gift vouchers and have the opportunity to add value to their gift voucher business.

Our focus is only on luxury hotels’ and resorts’ gift voucher solutions; we’re highly skilled and hold (and share) detailed knowledge in this field: simply put – we’re specialists!