Your first thought may be ‘Father’s Day’, however analysis we’ve conducted shows that ‘Thank You’ gifts are nine times more popular as a ‘reason for purchase’ over the same period (May & June 2018 stats).

When we look at ‘what’s next’, it’s tempting to simply look at the next key gifting date – and focus on that, which is Father’s Day on Sunday 16th June.

Whilst this day as a gifting date is certainly worth promoting, the reality is Father’s Day is likely to represent a small percentage of a luxury hotels’ gift voucher / certificate sales: ‘Father’s Day’ as the ‘reason for purchase’ accounted for 2% of gift sales in May and June last year, whereas ‘Thank You’ accounted for 18.4%.

Have a look at the graph below showing Father’s Day sales in the context of annual sales (please note we have excluded Christmas as a reason for purchase on this graph).

What gifting event is it best to focus on now, in order to optimise gift sales?

The answer is ‘THANK YOU’ gifts

‘Thank you’ gifts are a consistently high ‘all year round’ reason for purchase, rising in June and July. It is the third most popular reason for purchase accounting for on average 11% of a hotels’ annual annual sales.

We recommend that our clients promote gift experiences as ‘thank you’ gifts in their marketing promotions in the coming months.

Common ‘thank you’ reasons over this period include:

  • Thank the teacher #thanktheteacher
  • Gifts from newly married couples thanking their parents, bridesmaids and people who helped on their wedding day

We help our clients develop and grow their gift voucher sales, and as part of our service are happy to:

  • Provide an analysis of their data for this time period to see what their best selling thank you gifts are, sharing popular price points and gift experiences
  • Make any changes to their gift site, such as adding ‘Thank you’ gifts to their filter, creating a new carousel link, with image, copy and a clear call to action
  • Create a campaign page for their venue, highlighting key vouchers that would make wonderful ‘thank you’ gifts

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